miscellaneous items

announcer’s consoles and PTT boxes

·      Studio Technologies Model 210 announcer’s console/VOG box

·      Studio Technologies Model 230 announcer’s console/VOG box

·      Whirlwind PTT footswitch for dynamic microphones

·      Whirlwind PTT desktop box for dynamic microphones

audio isolation transformers

·      Lundahl LL1584-3FX3MX in-line audio transformer

·      Radial Twin Iso two channel audio transformer isolation box

·      Sescom IL-19 in-line audio transformer

cable ramps

·      Guard Dog black cable ramps 

·      Peterson black and yellow cable ramps 

in-ear monitors and headphones

·     Direct Sound Isolation headphones

·     Shure SE215CL earphones

·     Shure SE315CL earphones

·     Shure SE425CL earphones

·     Shure SE535CL earphones

·     Shure SRH840 headphones

·     Shure SRH940 headphones

·     Sony MDR-7506 headphones

portable mic preamps and headphone amplifiers

·      CTS dbBox2 AES and analog generator/headphone amplifier

·      Shure FP23 battery powered mic preamp

·      Shure P6HW battery powered wired IEM beltpack

·      Shure P9HW battery powered wired IEM beltpack

·      Sound Devices MM-1 headphone amplifier/mic preamp

·      Sound Devices MP-1 battery powered preamp

·      Whirlwind MD-1 mic preamp/line driver/headphone amplifier

·      Whirlwind QBox tester/headphone amplifier

microphone stands

·      Audix D-Vice drum clamp

·      Atlas DS-7E desk mic stand

·      Atlas DMS-7E short straight mic stand

·      Atlas DMS-10E short straight mic stand

·      Atlas MS-12CE straight mic stand

·      Atlas MS-20E heavy base straight mic stand

·      Atlas MS-43E heavy base three section straight mic stand

·      K&M 259 short tripod mic stand

·      K&M 201/2 tall tripod mic stand

·      K&M 21140 telescoping boom arm

·      K&M 240/5 clamps for mounting mics to truss, stands, etc.

·      K&M 243 clamps for mounting truss to desktops, lecterns, etc.

·      LP microphone claw

·      Manfrotto Magic Arm with Super Clamp and Rapid Adaptor

PCs and network accessories

·      Cisco SG-300 network switch 

·      Cisco SG-350 network switch 

·      Lantronix UBox ethernet to USB converter

·      Lenovo X230 tablet PC

·      MicroTik OmniTik 5GHz wireless access point/router

·      Moxa DE-311 and 5110A ethernet to serial converters

press feeds

·      Whirlwind PressMite 1x14 active press feed

·      Whirlwind PressPower 2 2x16 active press feed

·      Whirlwind PressPower 2 16 output expander module

test equipment

·      CTS dbBox2 AES and analog generator/headphone amplifier

·      Galaxy Audio Cricket polarity tester

 ·     Keysight N9912A FieldFox 6GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator

 ·     Rigol DSA815-TG 1.5GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator

·      Roadie Tools 19 pin Socapex tester

·      Tenma 72-7395 3GHz frequency counter

·      TTi PSA2701T 2.7GHz spectrum analyzer

·      TTi PSA2702 2.7GHz spectrum analyzer

·      Whirlwind Cab Driver loudspeaker tester

Yamaha mini-YGDAI cards

·      Yamaha MY4-AD 4 channel line input card

·      Yamaha MY8-AD 8 channel line input card

·      Yamaha MY8-ADDA 8 channel line input/output card

·      Yamaha MY8-AE96S 8 channel bidirectional AES/EBU card with SRC

·      Yamaha MY8-DA 8 channel line output card

·      Yamaha MY8-Lake 8 channel Lake processing card with AES i/o

·      Yamaha MY16-AE 16 channel bidirectional AES/EBU card

·      Yamaha MY16-AT 16 channel bidirectional lightpipe card