analog audio DAs

·      Drawmer DA-6 2x12 analog audio distribution amplifiers


·      Dugan Model E-1 8 channel automixer w/ ADAT and analog i/o

·      Dugan Model M 64 channel automixer w/ MADI and ADAT i/o

·      Dugan Model N 64 channel automixer w/ Dante and ADAT i/o


·      dbx 160A single channel compressor

·      dbx 160VU single channel compressor

·      dbx 162SL dual channel compressor/limiter

·      dbx 1046 quad compressor

·      Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor single channel compressor

·      Focusrite Compounder dual channel compressor/limiter

·      Universal Audio 1176LN single channel compressor

·      Universal Audio LA-2A single channel compressor

digital interfaces and converters

·      DirectOut SPLIT.CONVERTER format converter and splitter for MADI

·      Focusrite D16R 16x16 AES to/from Dante interface with redundant PSU

·      Klark-Teknik DN9652 network bridge with MADI to Dante conversion cards

digital signal processors

·      BSS Soundweb 9088ii digital signal processor

·      Dolby Lake 8x8 digital signal processor

·      Lake LM44 4x4 digital signal processor

·      Nexo NX242ES4 2x4 digital speaker processor

effects processors

·      Eventide H3000 digital signal processor

·      Lexicon 300 digital signal processor

·      Lexicon PCM-60 digital reverb

·      Lexicon PCM-70 digital signal processor

·      Lexicon Prime Time digital delay

·      Roland SDE-330 digital delay

·      Studio Technologies AN-1 stereo simulator

·      Studio Technologies AN-2 stereo simulator

·      TC Electronic D2 digital delay

·      TC Electronic Fireworx digital signal processor

·      TC Electronic M5000 dual engine digital signal processor



·      BSS FCS-966 dual channel graphic EQ

·      Dolby Lake 8x8 digital signal processor

·      Lake LM44 4x4 digital signal processor

·      Manley Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A tube EQ

mic preamps

·      AMEK CIB “channel strips” (mic pre, parametric EQ, compressor)

·      John Hardy M1 quad microphone preamp

·      Shure FP-23 single channel battery powered mic preamp

·      Sound Devices MP-1 single channel battery powered mic preamp

·      TC Electronic Gold Channel dual channel mic pre/EQ/comp/ A-D/D-A

·      Vintech 1272 dual channel microphone preamp

noise suppressors

·      Cedar DNS-8 8 channel digital noise suppressor

·      Cedar DNS-1000 2 channel digital noise suppressor

·      Cedar DNS-1500 2 channel digital noise suppressor


time code equipment

·      Brainstorm Electronics Distripalyzer time code reader/generator/corrector/DA

·      Brainstorm Electronics SR-26 time code DA