wireless accessories

active antenna DAs, combiners, and in-line amplifiers

·      Radio Active Designs TX-8 8-way active antenna combiner

·      Radio Active Designs VHF in-line antenna amplifier

·      Sennheiser ASA3000 antenna divider

·      Shure AXT630 tunable antenna divider

·      Shure AXT900 charging station for AXT910 and 920 batteries

·      Shure PA421A 4-way active antenna combiner

·      Shure PA421B 4-way active antenna combiner

·      Shure PA421SWB 4-way active antenna combiner

·      Shure PA821A 8-way active antenna combiner

·      Shure SBC210 desktop charging station for SB900A batteries

·      Shure SBC800 desktop charging station for SB900A batteries

·      Shure SBC840 desktop charging station for SB910 and SB920 batteries

·      Shure SBRC rackmount charging station for SB900A batteries

·      Shure UA830WB in-line antenna amplifier

·      Shure UA830USTV in-line antenna amplifier

·      Shure UA845-SWB super wide band antenna divider

·      Shure UA845-UWB ultra wide band antenna divider

·      Shure WA405 VHF antenna divider

·      Sony WD-210 VHF antenna divider

·      Wisycom MAT-283 antenna matrix combiner

·      Wisycom MAT-288 antenna matrix combiner

passive splitters/combiners

·      Professional Wireless Systems 5624 two-way high power passive splitter/combiner

·      Professional Wireless Systems 9829 three-way high power passive splitter/combiner

filters and passive in-line devices

·      Lectrosonics PF50 in-line passive filter for wireless antenna

·      Microwave Filter Co. 3278(2)DB50 in-line tunable passive filter for wireless antenna (6MHz bandpass)

·      Mini-Circuits BHP-500+ in line high pass filter, 500MHz

·      Mini-Circuits BLK-222+ in line DC block

·      Mini-Circuits BLP-750+ in line low pass filter, 750MHz

·      Mini-Circuits HAT-6+ in line 6dB pad

antenna and antenna cables

·      Lectrosonics ALP500 passive log periodic antenna

·      Lectrosonics SNA600 passive dipole antenna

·      L-Com RG58 antenna cable in 2’, 3’, 6’, 10’ and 12’ lengths

·      Belden RG8X antenna cable in 10’, 25’, and 50’ lengths

·      Myers Engineering VL-2051-383 omni VHF antenna

·      Professional Wireless Systems 9046 low-loss antenna cable in 25’, 50’, 100’, 150’, and 250’ lengths

·      Professional Wireless Systems/Shure HA-8089 helical antenna

·      Sennheiser A1031U passive omni antenna

·      Sennheiser A2003 passive log periodic antenna

·      Sennheiser A5000CP circularly polarized passive antenna

·      Shure PA805WB passive wideband log periodic antenna

·      Shure PA805SWB passive wideband log periodic antenna

·      Shure UA860SWB passive omni antenna

·      Shure UA870WB, UA870USTV, and UA874 active log antenna

·      Shure UA870X and UA874XA active log antenna

spectrum analyzers and other RF test equipment

 ·     Keysight N9912A FieldFox 6GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator

 ·     Rigol DSA815-TG 1.5GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator

·      Tenma 72-7395 3GHz frequency counter

·      TTi PSA2701T 2.7GHz spectrum analyzer

·      TTi PSA2702 2.7GHz spectrum analyzer


·      RF Venue Optix RF-over-fiber system